Global Search Engines Usage Statistics and Market Share

We are tracking usage statistics and market share of 30 web technologies in Search Engines. In September 2023 the most popular web technology in Search Engines is Algolia with 41% market share. In second place there is Elasticsearch with 12% market share. After that there are Awesomplete with 11%, Boost Commerce with 5% and Swiftype with 5% market share. Top 5 web technologies together have 74% market share. The remaining 25 web technologies in Search Engines have a combined market share of 26%.

Search Engines Market Share in September 2023
About Search Engines

Search Engines are search software used for providing search functionality on websites.

We are tracking 30 different technologies in Search Engines.

There are 118,479 websites using Search Engines in out database.

Search Engines Usage Statistics and Market Share in September 2023
Technologies in Search Engines
  • Algolia Algolia

    Algolia offers a hosted web search product delivering real-time results.

  • Elasticsearch Elasticsearch

    Elasticsearch is a search engine based on the Lucene library. It provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents.

  • Awesomplete Awesomplete

    Awesomplete is a tool in the Javascript UI Libraries category of a tech stack.

  • Boost Commerce Boost Commerce

    Boost Commerce provides beautiful and advanced product filter and smart site search for Shopify stores to boost sales.

  • Swiftype Swiftype

    Swiftype provides search software for organisations, websites, and computer programs.

  • Algolia Realtime Search Algolia Realtime Search

  • Luigi’s Box Luigi’s Box

  • Site Search 360 Site Search 360

    Site Search 360 is a site search as a service solution.

  • ElasticSuite ElasticSuite

    ElasticSuite is a merchandising suite for Magento and OroCommerce.

  • Klevu Klevu

    Klevu is a highly advanced AI-Powered search solution for ecommerce platforms.

  • Coveo Coveo

    Coveo designs enterprise search and predictive insights platforms for businesses.

  • Doofinder Doofinder

    Doofinder is a search site solution that enables users to include advanced and smart search engine capabilities in their ecommerce website.

  • Searchanise Searchanise

    Searchanise is a complete search and filter solution for ecommerce.

  • Yext Yext

    Yext is a hosted search-as-a-service platform.

  • Searchspring Searchspring

    Searchspring is a site search and merchandising platform designed to help ecommerce.

  • Bloomreach Search & Merchandising Bloomreach Search & Merchandising

    Bloomreach Search & Merchandising (brSM) is an AI-driven platform for ecommerce.

  • Bloomreach Discovery Bloomreach Discovery

    Bloomreach Discovery is a powerful combination of AI-powered site search, SEO, recommendations, and product merchandising.


    FAST ESP is a service-oriented architecture development platform which is geared towards production searchable indexes. It provided a flexible framework for creating ETL applications for efficient indexing of searchable content.

  • Findify Findify

    Findify is an intelligent ecommerce search, navigation and personalisation solution.

  • SalesFire SalesFire

    SalesFire is a SaaS company specialising in conversion rate optimisation, intelligent personalisation and on-site search solutions.

  • Unbxd Unbxd

    Unbxd is an ecommerce product discovery platform that applies artificial intelligence and advanced data sciences to connect shoppers to the products they are most likely to buy.

  • Attraqt Attraqt

    Attraqt provides AI-driven search, merchandising and personalisation solutions.

  • ExpertRec ExpertRec

    ExpertRec is a collaborative Web search engine, which allows users share search histories through a web browser.

  • Loop54 Loop54

    Loop54 is a ecommerce search and navigation SaaS product.

  • VuFind VuFind

    VuFind is a library resource portal designed and developed by Villanova University library.

  • SniperFast SniperFast

    SniperFast is instant search system for ecommerce sites.

  • Fact Finder Fact Finder

    Fact Finder is a platform which, combines search, navigation, and merchandising solutions to streamline online search and power sales.

  • Kibana Kibana

    Kibana is an open-source data visualisation dashboard for Elasticsearch. It provides visualisation capabilities on top of the content indexed on an Elasticsearch cluster. Users can create bar, line and scatter plots, or pie charts and maps on top of large volumes of data.

  • Syte Syte

    Syte is a provider of visual AI technology that aims to improve retailers' site navigation, product discovery, and user experience by powering solutions that engage and convert shoppers.

  • FAST Search for SharePoint FAST Search for SharePoint

    FAST Search for SharePoint is the search engine for Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration platform. Its purpose is helping SharePoint users locate and retrieve stored enterprise content.

Search Engines Market Share History in Last 12 Months
Technology November 2022December 2022January 2023February 2023March 2023April 2023May 2023June 2023July 2023August 2023September 2023
Algolia Realtime Search7.51%7.35%6.98%6.76%23.49%6.27%6.03%5.07%4.70%4.58%4.53%
Luigi’s Box3.57%3.54%3.49%3.43%12.15%3.34%3.31%3.06%2.99%2.97%2.95%
Boost Commerce2.69%2.88%3.22%3.47%12.82%3.88%3.93%5.79%6.19%6.13%6.12%
Bloomreach Search & Merchandising0.98%0.96%0.92%0.88%3.00%0.77%0.75%0.60%0.53%0.52%0.51%
Site Search 3600.70%0.75%0.97%1.21%4.88%1.69%1.78%2.49%2.82%2.84%2.89%
FAST ESP0.34%0.33%0.32%0.31%1.10%0.30%0.29%0.26%0.25%0.25%0.25%
Bloomreach Discovery0.09%0.09%0.12%0.13%0.63%0.21%0.22%0.28%0.30%0.30%0.31%
Fact Finder0.06%0.06%0.06%0.05%0.19%0.05%0.05%0.04%0.04%0.04%0.04%
FAST Search for SharePoint0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%