.co websites A/B Testing Usage Statistics and Market Share in Colombia (.co)

We are tracking usage statistics and market share of 31 web technologies in A/B Testing in Colombia (.co). In June 2024 the most popular web technology in A/B Testing in Colombia (.co) is OneSignal with 20% market share. In second place there is Google Optimize with 20% market share. After that there are Autopilot with 14%, Complianz with 10% and Optimizely with 10% market share. Top 5 web technologies together have 75% market share. The remaining 26 web technologies in A/B Testing have a combined market share of 25%. Global A/B Testing market share report is available here.

A/B Testing Market Share in Colombia (.co) in June 2024
About A/B Testing

We are tracking 31 different technologies in A/B Testing.

There are 7,457 websites using A/B Testing in Colombia (.co websites) in out database.

A/B Testing Usage Statistics and Market Share in Colombia (.co) in June 2024
Technologies in A/B Testing in Colombia (.co)
  • OneSignal OneSignal

    OneSignal is a customer engagement messaging solution.

  • Google Optimize Google Optimize

    Google Optimize allows you to test variants of web pages and see how they perform.

  • Autopilot Autopilot

    Autopilot is a visual marketing software that enables users to create marketing campaigns and manage lead conversions.

  • Complianz Complianz

    Complianz is a GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent plugin that supports GDPR, DSGVO, CCPA and PIPEDA with a conditional Cookie Notice and customized Cookie Policy based on the results of the built-in Cookie Scan.

  • Optimizely Optimizely

    Optimizely is an American company that makes customer experience optimization software for other companies. The Optimizely platform technology provides A/B testing tools, in which two versions of a web page can be compared for performance, and multivariate testing.


    VWO is a website testing and conversion optimisation platform.

  • Instapage Instapage

    Instapage is a cloud-based landing page platform designed for marketing teams and agencies.

  • Adobe Target Adobe Target

    Adobe Target is an A/B testing, multi-variate testing, personalisation, and optimisation application

  • Freshworks CRM Freshworks CRM

    Freshworks CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Key features include one-click phone, sales lead tracking, sales management, event tracking and more.

  • Convert Convert

    Convert Experiences is an enterprise A/B testing and personalisation solution for conversion optimisation and data-driven decisions in high-traffic websites.

  • Zoho PageSense Zoho PageSense

    Zoho PageSense is a conversion optimisation platform which combines the power of web analytics, A/B testing, and personalisation.

  • Talkable Talkable

    Talkable is a cloud-based referral marketing system that assists medium to large businesses with campaign creation and channel performance tracking.

  • Kibo Personalization Kibo Personalization

    Kibo Personalization is a omnichannel personalisation software powered by machine learning to deliver individualized customer experiences and powered by Monetate and Certona.

  • ContentSquare ContentSquare

    Contentsquare is an enterprise-level UX optimisation platform.

  • Dynamic Yield Dynamic Yield

    Dynamic Yield is a provider of automated conversion optimisation tools for marketers and retailers.

  • Nosto Nosto

    Nosto is an ecommerce platform providing product recommendations based on individual behavioral data.

  • Oracle Maxymiser Oracle Maxymiser

    Oracle Maxymiser is a real-time behavioral targeting, in-session personalisation, and product recommendations platform.

  • Bloomreach Search & Merchandising Bloomreach Search & Merchandising

    Bloomreach Search & Merchandising (brSM) is an AI-driven platform for ecommerce.

  • ConvertFlow ConvertFlow

    ConvertFlow is the all-in-one conversion marketing platform.

  • AB Tasty AB Tasty

    AB Tasty is a customer experience optimisation company. AB Tasty offers AI-driven experimentation, personalisation, and product optimisation platforms for user testing.

  • Yottaa Yottaa

    Yottaa is an ecommerce optimisation platform that helps with conversions, performance and security.

  • Etracker Etracker

    Etracker is a web optimisation solution.

  • Decibel Decibel

    Decibel is a behavioral analysis solution that helps users gain actionable insights about their digital audience.

  • Kameleoon Kameleoon

    Kameleoon is a personalisation technology platform for real-time omnichannel optimisation and conversion.

  • Qubit Qubit

    Qubit is a SaaS based persuasive personalisation at scale services.

  • Omniconvert Omniconvert

    Omniconvert is an award-winning conversion rate optimisation (CRO) software that can be used for A/B testing, online surveys, traffic segmentation.

  • SiteSpect SiteSpect

    SiteSpect is the A/B testing and optimisation solution.

  • Bloomreach Discovery Bloomreach Discovery

    Bloomreach Discovery is a powerful combination of AI-powered site search, SEO, recommendations, and product merchandising.

  • Leanplum Leanplum

    Leanplum is a multi-channel messaging and campaign orchestration platform.

  • Split Split

    Split is a feature delivery platform that powers feature flag management, software experimentation, and continuous delivery.

  • HiConversion HiConversion

    HiConversion is a SaaS solution that caters to ecommerce brands seeking actionable insights through their adaptive customer experience optimisation.

A/B Testing Market Share History in Colombia (.co) in Last 12 Months
Technology August 2023September 2023October 2023November 2023December 2023January 2024February 2024March 2024April 2024May 2024June 2024
Google Optimize23.46%23.12%22.36%21.96%21.75%21.70%21.56%21.12%20.71%20.69%20.32%
Adobe Target3.56%3.50%3.55%3.47%3.47%3.42%3.47%3.50%3.51%3.53%3.54%
Freshworks CRM1.70%1.67%1.68%1.69%1.69%1.70%1.70%1.66%1.67%1.71%1.73%
Zoho PageSense0.93%0.91%0.94%0.94%0.95%0.95%0.95%1.03%1.06%1.06%1.07%
Kibo Personalization0.72%0.73%0.73%0.71%0.71%0.71%0.71%0.71%0.72%0.72%0.72%
Dynamic Yield0.49%0.47%0.47%0.44%0.42%0.42%0.42%0.42%0.40%0.40%0.40%
Oracle Maxymiser0.39%0.36%0.37%0.34%0.34%0.34%0.34%0.37%0.35%0.32%0.32%
Bloomreach Search & Merchandising0.26%0.26%0.26%0.26%0.26%0.26%0.26%0.26%0.27%0.27%0.27%
AB Tasty0.23%0.23%0.24%0.24%0.26%0.26%0.26%0.26%0.27%0.27%0.24%
Bloomreach Discovery0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%
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